What we do

What makes EquiDiscovery different?

We utilize a number of tools to help you achieve your stated goals:

Experiential exercises with equine partners designed to reinforce learning and extend it’s impact long after the workshop.

Well-recognized assessment tools such as DiSC, StrengthsFinders and spiritual gifts inventories

Coaching with certified coaches

Why horses?

For centuries horses have carried humans farther and faster than they could travel alone. With horses as co-facilitators, you identify limiting beliefs, attitudes, perceptions or systems that are preventing your from being your best in your professional, personal or spiritual context.

Partnering with horses offers:

  • The opportunity to participate in focused and reflective activities that challenge assumptions and perceptions.
  • Learning experiences that provide immediate, clear and honest feedback relevant to real time life issues and authentic work situations
  • The opportunity to clarify individual or corporate visions, expand ability to make decisions and follow through on a course of action.
  • New insights and new ways of interacting with others and ourselves.